Demon Tube Screamer

Hand-built, Ts9 and Ts808 Tube Screamer clone.

The Demon Tube Screamer is made on the basis of the classic original TS9 and TS808, the most popular vintage overdrives. We take these two models together in one shell, 2 effects in 1, perfect upgraded, using the best quality components and the same circuit as the original one, and it’s made with plug-in components only, not SMD technology, so it is close to the original sound as they come.

Using a two-Position switch to change between the TS9 and TS808.

One two-position switch: TS9 overdrive and TS808 overdrive
Updated IC:  JRC4558D
Drive control
LEVEL control
Tone control
True bypass switch
100% analog signal path
On/Off LED indicator