Marshall Drive Master

You know who makes a good ‘Marshall in a box’ pedal? Marshall do. Well, they did, in the 90s at least. This is voiced very close to a JCM800 gain channel; there’s a heap of gain on offer and a very powerful three band EQ. There’s a bit more gain and volume boost on tap than the sister ‘Shred Master’ pedal and a more traditional voicing. Stacks up very nicely against some very boutique pedals and has a whole lot ‘back in the 90s’ swagger.

Model: Marshall Drive Master
Made: England, mid 90s approx
Type: distortion
Power: standard 9v supply or battery
Switching: true bypass
Draw: 4mA approx

Gain: gain/crunch added to the signal
Bass: low end frequencies boost/cut
Middle: traditional midrange boost/cut, heaps of variation as you turn up
Treble: high frequencies boost/cut
Volume: output volume; note that it cuts volume when set below 3o’clock