Epiphone Les Paul Translucent Green

1997 Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Epiphone 57 Classic Alnico ProBuckers

This project started as 2 pieces of wood. Translucent Green Mahogany body with a thick Maple cap and a long tenon Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard. Single-ply binding on body & neck. It had sadly been down a flight of stairs and the neck was broke by the heel. The previous owner had written it off and stripped it for parts, but it looked to me like it was possible to glue the pieces back together and I did so successfully. It now has new nickel hardware with Grover tuners, real Abalone truss rod cover, new knobs, new Epiphone 57 Classic Alnico ProBuckers made in 2020 and new wiring with Alpha pots and coil splitting. I have done a «relic» job to disguise an area where a piece of wood was missing in the front, caused by the trauma.

Limited Edition – Korean made

VOX Mini3 G2

Amp modelling:
A/D conversion = 24-bit
D/A conversion = 24-bit
Sampling Frequency = 44.1 kHz

1 x 5″ Standard Speaker
3 Watts RMS 4 Ohms

1 x Normal Input Jack
1 x Mic Input Jack
1 x Aux Input Jack
1 x Headphone Jack

Amp Model Selector
Effects Selector
Delay/Reverb Selector
Mic Trim
Mic Send

A perfect little battery operated couch amp