Chibson Les Paul Standard

Fake Chinese made 2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherryburst

I am the 3rd owner of this guitar. Got it in a trade for an old Stagg Fretless Bass. This has never been passed of as a real Gibson and I am keeping this guitar as a reference. I will document and possibly change some parts over time and I will compare it to my legit Gibson guitars and point out the obvious signs that this is a fake. I have not had it on the bench yet, but as far as I can tell from the previous owner it was made in 2018. The first owner had replaced the tuners with Hipshot Locking Tuners. I do not know the status of the pickups or the electronics yet. It is intonated and has low action. It plays fine with no fret buzz or sharp fret ends. The pickups are not microphonic. All in all first impressions is that this is a damn good fake. More to come……

Hipshot UMP Locking Tuners