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Marshall Drive Master

You know who makes a good ‘Marshall in a box’ pedal? Marshall do. Well, they did, in the 90s at least. This is voiced very close to a JCM800 gain channel; there’s a heap of gain on offer and a very powerful three band EQ. There’s a bit more gain and volume boost on tap than the sister ‘Shred Master’ pedal and a more traditional voicing. Stacks up very nicely against some very boutique pedals and has a whole lot ‘back in the 90s’ swagger.

Model: Marshall Drive Master
Made: England, mid 90s approx
Type: distortion
Power: standard 9v supply or battery
Switching: true bypass
Draw: 4mA approx

Gain: gain/crunch added to the signal
Bass: low end frequencies boost/cut
Middle: traditional midrange boost/cut, heaps of variation as you turn up
Treble: high frequencies boost/cut
Volume: output volume; note that it cuts volume when set below 3o’clock

Fender FSR Hot Rod Deluxe III ‘Red Nova’

Limited to just 150 units for the whole of Europe.

This is my go-to pedal platform. Ultra-modern two-tone Black and Red vinyl covering and black grille cloth compliment the classic English bark of the Eminence® Wizard speaker. This robust speaker exudes a warmth and crunch that works amazingly well with the Hot Rod Deluxe.

Unique features to this amp include: Two-tone Black/Red vinyl covering, Black grille cloth, a 12” 8-ohm Eminence® WizardTM speaker for gorgeous cleans and warm, British overdrive. Also includes “Limited Edition“ FSR badge.

Additional features include: Easy-to-read black control panel with front-reading text, footswitch, graduated volume and treble pot tapers, “tighter” overdrive.

Fender FSR Hot Rod Deluxe III Red Nova Two-Tone Features:

  • Amplifier Type: Tube
  • Speaker: 12”, 8-ohm Eminence® WizardTM speaker
  • Impedance: 4 or 8 Ohms
  • Output Power: 40 watts
  • Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
  • Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6
  • Rectifier: Solid State Rectifier
  • Inputs: 1 (High input) and 2 (Low input)
  • Controls:
    • Presence
    • Reverb
    • Master Volume
    • Middle
    • Bass
    • Treble
    • Drive Select Switch
    • Drive Volume
    • Bright Switch
  • Covering/Grille Cloth: Two-tone Black/Red vinyl covering and Black grille cloth
  • Height: 18.75″ (47.6 cm)
  • Width: 23.5″ (59.7 cm)
  • Depth: 10.5″ (26.7 cm)
  • Weight: 45 lbs. (20.41 kg)
  • Cover: Amplifier Cover Included
  • Unique FSR Features:
    • Two-tone Black/Red vinyl covering and Black grille cloth
    • 12” Eminence® WizardTM speaker
    • “Limited Edition” FSR badge.

«Black Russian» Big Muff Pi

electro-harmonix DISTORTION / SUSTAINER «Black Russian» Big Muff Pi

«Black Russian» Big Muff Pi version 8 Second Edition, with four screw light weight box from 2006, Based on Bob Myer’s original circuit. 9V battery only. This small box black Big Muff was the final version of the Russian made Big Muffs.

A pinch smoother than its American-made comrade, the Russian Muff exhibits slightly less sustain, yet retains that unmistakable Big Muff sound. Prized by bass players for its edge, and sought after by guitarists seeking its unique flavor.

VOLUME CONTROL-sets the output level.

SUSTAIN CONTROL- adjusts the amount of sustain and distortion.

TONE CONTROL-provides a range of sounds from high treble to deep bass.

Fender Stratocaster

2012 US Fender Select Stratocaster with Custom G&G Fender tweed case

Alder body with flame maple top
Dark Cherry Burst gloss lacquer finish
Flame maple «C» shape neck
Maple fingerboard (compound radius 9.5″-14″)
22 medium jumbo frets
Bi-flex truss rod
Fender deluxe staggered cast/sealed locking tuners
Three Fender Select single-coil Strat pickups
2-Point synchronized tremolo with vintage style bent steel saddles
No-load tone control for middle/bridge pickups

Roland JV 1080 – A 500 PRO

The Roland JV-1080 is a worldwide standard in high-powered, two space synthesizer modules. Used on more recordings than any other module in history, the JV-1080 boasts a full range of acclaimed Roland sounds, as well as four expansion slots.

Roland A500 PRO
Velocity-sensitive 49 keys with channel aftertouch Inspiring feel and response for serious players 45 assignable controls: knobs, sliders, buttons, transport and more 8 Dynamic Pads for finger drumming and MIDI triggering Sure-grip Pitch Bend/Modulation Stick

Roland RS-5

Synthesizer with 61-note keyboard
32MB wave memory
Includes waveforms derived from XV-Series synths
and SR-JV80-Series Wave Expansion Boards,
plus all-new waveforms
6 knobs for realtime control over cutoff, envelopes, etc.
Favorite Performance Bank buttons for instant recall of- Performances
Category Search function locates sounds by type (e.g. Piano, Synth, Bass)
Phrase Preview for auditioning Tones in a musical context Advanced XV-88 arpeggiator with 45 types including guitar strumming
Attractive brushed aluminum panel and compact, lightweight design