Ibanez AR305AV

1982 Ibanez Artist AR305AV finished in Antique Violin

Mahogany body
Bound dish carved burl mahogany top
3 piece maple neck
Ebony fretboard with pearl and abalone
Ibanez Super 58 Humbucker (bridge)
Ibanez Super 58 Humbucker (Neck)
2 volume
2 tone
Tri-sound switches for hum,single or reverse phase

non original parts:
80s Tuners from Schaller Made in W. Germany
Truss rod cover
Speed Knobs

Ibanez Black Eagle

Not So Black Eagle 2609B Produsert i november 1977

Mahogany body
Black paint removed and oiled
Laminated maple neck
(Missing a piece of wood at the peghead)
Maple fretboard
Two Ibanez Super Bass single-coils
2 Volume controls
1 Master tone

Fender Talon

Fender sin Japanproduserte Ibanez killer fra 1991

Ultra slim «U» shape Maple neck
Body color «Frost Red»
Rosewood fretboard
Floyd Rose II tremolo
Heartfield Humbucker
2 Fender single coils
1 tone
1 volume
5 way switch

Nyttige programmer

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Malmsteen tribute

Yngwie J Malmsteen tribute guitar.

Fully scalloped Fender strat style neck
Fender strat style body with «Black Paisley» design
Wilkinson tremolo
Fender tuners
Dimarzio DP153PK FRED Humbucker (Bridge)
Roswell STA Alnico-5 vintage (Middle)
Seymour Duncan STK-10N YJM FURY STRAT (Neck)
2 Tone controls
1 volume control with volume push/pull function coil split

Telecaster Project

Fender Telecaster project. My first serious build, back in the 90s.

1978 USA Fender Telecaster Neck
USA StewMac Sunburst Tele body
GraphTech TUSQ nut
Fender Brassmaster bridge
Gotoh Vintage tuners
Bill Lawrence Black Label T1 (neck)
Bill Lawrence Black Label T2 (bridge)